Myth and Facts of Southern California Apartments

Everything is expensive in California! That is one of many of the complaints people say when the sunshine state comes up in conversation. There are so many things told about the state that you don’t know what is right and wrong, myth from fact. Here we are going to try and debunk some of the myths that are spread about California and mainly about apartment living here.


There are a few things to this myth. When compared to the rest of the nation it may be high, but there are a ton of factors at play. In general, California is one of the most expensive places in the world to live in. This is because of all the wonderful things that come with living in this vibrant area. All those attractions and opportunities draw more and more people into it’s county lines and when more people come the more space becomes scarce and when it is like that the more it costs to have your own space. With all of those factors, it makes the average rent of an individual in California to be around $1400. It is high, but it's also about perception because the average income of a Californian is about $70,000 a year which is higher than the majority of the United States.

So the rent may be high, but there are a ton of people looking to make a home here and the average salary is definitely high as well. It is all relative!

Myth: You’ll never be able to find a good apartment to live in

This is a relatively new one I've been seeing around the interweb. When looking at my rebuttal to the previous myth it may seem like this is true with there being so many people in the Los Angeles area. The difference between finding all the places you want and having zero luck is all dependent on the timing and where you look. If you go on Zillow or any other house-hunting site there are always tons of options, but I guarantee if you look in December and then look in July the amount of selection will be drastically different. Timing on when you look is a massive factor in how much of a hard time you're going to have when looking for a place to stay. The next is where you look! Commuting is never fun, but the majority of Americans have an hour plus commute to work so living a little outside of an area is never a bad thing. Also, the options begin to expand the further out you move from the populated areas.

It’s all dependent on how early you begin looking for a home and where you look. There is never any harm with also calling some areas ahead of time to see if they have an opening coming up. Just because it is not available right this second does not mean it won’t be in a week or two.

As you can see a lot of these myths have a lot to do with people comparing extremes of areas. It is not to say California is a cheap place to live. It is one of the most populated places in the United States and its economy reflects that. That doesn’t mean everywhere worth wild is way out of reach! A good bit of research and some patience can get you set up in a wonderful place that’s right for what you can afford. The best part about California is that there is a ton of towns to live in that range in a multitude of prices so it’s just about finding your perfect spot.

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