Do’s And Dont’s of Your First Apartment

Updated: Jan 20

When making the choice to live in a Sierra Management apartment you do choose to undertake a different type of living. No matter if you’re coming from living at home to staying in a dorm it will be different. You’ll have to face challenges like how to inspect the home, handle bad roommates and landlords, random rent increases, and a host of other unforeseen things. This isn’t to scare you out of the option though because there are many other great things that can come from being in an apartment. Some people have met their best friend or future spouse in there. Some have gone to buy their room and then the whole building. Some have started bands and found their true calling because of them. So living in an apartment can go either way so today we are going to give you some do’s and don'ts of apartment living so you can get the most out of your apartment living experience.


We are going to start from even before the move in and say you should inspect your apartment first. This may seem obvious to some but many people don’t do it or don’t do it well enough. If you sign a lease for an apartment that means all the problems are now yours to deal with beforehand and some of those problems can cost you money. You’ll need to check every room for cracks and holes, you’ll need to make sure all appliances work, inspect outlets to see if all are in working order, and just an overall run-through of the house. Don’t make someone else's problems your problems. Reach out to the apartment property managers at companies to schedule a walk through of an apartment before you sign the lease.

Next is that you should consider having a person live with you in your new apartment. Yes, it is always nice having your own space to do what you want, but that is also a luxury. When adding roommates the price of having an apartment becomes more and more affordable meaning you can find better apartments in your price range. This will also help you meet new people as you find possible candidates or make your childhood dreams come true of living with your best friend!

Lastly, when you get all situated in your new place you should try your best to make your apartment in California your own. When making a place your own you will be more likely to take care of it and treat the space right. This will make it easier for you too when you decide to move out because the place will already be in great condition. This will lead to a higher chance of you getting your deposit back at the end of the whole adventure.


Now we’re on to the warning part of the blog. The first thing you should know is that you are not the only one living in that building so don’t be a bad neighbor. Being a bad neighbor will cause the people sharing the building to not want you there making your time there miserable. So be cautious of being too loud or having too many people over and you’ll be alright.

Another big “don’t” is to wait on getting your maintenance problems fixed. Most apartments take fixing issues on a case by case basis so if you let problems pile up you’re going to be dealing with a very annoying apartment. Also when some problems happen they can compound and cause bigger problems if you don’t get them looked at right away. So when issues come up report it immediately and don’t hold yourself accountable for the bigger issues.

Lastly, don’t forget that an apartment is an expense to you every month and a big one at that so be cautious of the quality of the apartment you get and what you can afford because eviction is a terrible process to go through.

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