Are Apartments Still A Good Investment in Orange County?

Updated: Jan 20

Are apartments good investments? In 2019 the sense of entrepreneurship is on the rise. People are out to make their own companies and brands to promote their ideas and interests. As people do this the rise in interest in investing and hustling and not working a nine-to-five is becoming a real trend people are switching over too especially as the freelance world grows. Investing is really starting to make a new turn as well with apps like Robinhood making it easy to get started on that journey, but as everyone knows by now the most millionaires come from real estate. So today we are going to discuss apartments and how they are a good real estate investment and why especially in Orange County.

Brief Recap

In 2010 all the way to 2018, the United States has been recovering from the recession. This recession caused many issues in the housing space making the homeownership world a rocky one to be apart of. Loans and interest rates were not favorable so people turned to other means of finding homes.

Apartments themselves have a very different pattern in the real estate world when compared to your standard homes and mobile homes. Apartments are relatively stable no matter the housing market and trends that are happening in the world. So when people have housing issues they tend to fall back to apartments. With their abundance in all parts of the United States and their ability to house many people in one area apartments in good locations have always been a good investing commodity.

Why Apartments Are A Good Investment

As stated above apartments have always been a good fall back for families and people when the housing situation is suboptimal. Renting an apartment from a California property management company does not take a vast amount of time and there are different price ranges so all social classes can take part in them. So when you’re looking at the investing side of all of this there is nothing but positives.

People will always need somewhere to stay so apartments, no matter the economy, will be in some form of demand.They can house multiple people in a condensed area so the taller the building the better the profit is. When things like the recession happen apartments not only tend to not be hit by them but become a hot commodity.

With all these positives and many more, they still do have drawbacks and mainly it deals with location. If you own an apartment in a bad part of town or in a suboptimal location the asset will be nothing but a burden to you. You need to have a prime location like being next to businesses and schools so that people want to set up shop there and there will always be in some sort of demand.

This Brings Us To Orange County

With all that being said above this brings us to the title question. Is an apartment in Orange County a good investment? It depends. But in most cases yes! This is because Orange County is a highly rated area to be in. With a vast amount of attractions like theme parks and sports teams to the beautiful nature surrounding it, many people would love to live in Orange County. This is especially true since everyone knows the housing prices in California are high. California is also known to have a culture of renters and not buyers. Sierra Management Apartments is a great resource for all apartment rental choices. All these things come together to make OC a place to build your investment portfolio.

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