Apartment Move Out Check List

Moving sucks. No matter which way you spin it, it will be a long day of moving stuff you aren’t sure if you want to keep. So this is why we are going to make you a nice and clean overview checklist so you can be in and out of your new house or I guess in this case out and in of your old house in no time. Okay well, probably not no time but let's shoot for just a day of your time at least.

When moving out you have the luxury of one thing...time. You know when you need to be moving out of your home in most cases. With that awareness, you get the chance to plan way out in advance so for this case lets start 3 months out. I say 3 months out because this gives you ample time to get anything fixed that has been broken as you complete your stay. Somethings take time to fix or find the person that can fix them so you need to give yourself a cushion. This will also be the chance to go over your lease and see what exactly needs to be done so you can get that deposit back without hesitation.

As time passes and whatever needs to be fixed is under maintenance or good as new you need to eventually start planning to wrap up the house. This process of wrapping up the house should start around one month from the move out date. This is where you start making arrangements for moving services or friends to help you move out. While doing that you can start calling all of your services and put them on alert that you are moving. If you do this you can have your home fully up and running in one day instead of waiting a week to get the power back on.

From the one month point, you should worry about your services but also begin packing your home. Not all in one day, but you should be doing little by little every day. While doing this you should make plans on how you will pack and transport your big items. By the two week mark, all of the less used items should be sealed up in boxes by now and all that should be left is the daily essentials so you can work and eat. This should be about 70% of your house so if it feels a little dull to be living in there that is normal.

After living in your city of brown boxes for a week you should be one week out to the moving out date. This is where you should start packing the last 30% of your home and begin planning for your deep clean. Whether you have to hire cleaners or do it yourself a deep clean of the apartment needs to get to all the nooks and crannies of the home so it can look as good as new. This should be done all the way up until the day of moving out. On the actual move out day be sure to know where the truck will be and how you want to get stuff in the truck and we’ll stop here and keep the moving in checklist for another day.

Moving will always be a pain in the butt giving people anxiety, stress and a lot of dread. But if you take our advice and you start the process early, do the work over a number of weeks, and get your services ready to transfer beforehand your move out day will be easier than you think.

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